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Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage therapy can help both your performance and your recovery rate. The Shiatsu Healing Center offers sport massage custom tailored to your unique needs.

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

Sport Massage is a type of bodywork therapy used to enhance an athlete’s performance and recovery. Massage techniques are used to coerce the soft tissues of the body into offering their peak performance.

This bodywork therapy alleviates muscle tension and muscle stiffness thereby improving your flexibility and endurance as an athlete. Different techniques such as kneading, soothing, stretching, gliding etc. are used to achieve this goal.

Sports Massage Therapy can help you reach your peak performance
Sports Massage Therapy can help you reach your peak performance

Do You Need Sports Massage as an Athlete?

Sports massage therapy has garnered wide acceptance amongst athletes because of the variety of advantages it offers them. The following are some of the benefits that sports massage can offer you as an athlete:

  • It is essential for quick recovery from injury. Although sports massage can be performed on some sports injuries to hesitate the healing process, it is not ideal for certain injuries. Hence, you should always seek the advice of your sports therapist in order to know what to do.
  • It enhances performance by giving no room for fatigue since it is a process that helps to relax the muscles and to relief pains.
  • It helps to prevent the occurrence of injury. This is achieved through a reduction in the muscle tension and stiffness.
  • It enhances flexibility and endurance. This enables quick recovery from the strenuous activities of the sport.
  • All these will enable you to perform better as an athlete in your sport.

When Should You Consider a Sport Massage?

The good thing about this method of massage is that it does not require any specific time of the day, week, month or year to be done. It can be performed when you want it to be it before or after training or after a game. Hence, it will be ideal if you can schedule this on a weekly basis or fortnightly. Whatever be the agreement you have with your sports therapist, the outcome is bound to be an increased endurance, flexibility and better performance for you as an athlete.

What You Should Do as an Athlete

It is important that you speak to your sports massage therapist to develop a suitable treatment plan.

Final Words

The importance of sports massage to your performance as an athlete cannot be overemphasized. Sports massage is good for your well being. The strenuous exercise and activities that your sports require as a way of taking its toll on your body both physically which can, in turn, affect you psychologically. While is a form of therapy is most often perceived as a preventive measure in sport it can also be used during recovery from an injury. Thus, what better way can you improve your fitness to stay at the top of your game as an athlete if not by constantly relieving your body of pains and muscle strains after every sporting activity.

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