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About The Shiatsu Healing Center

Our philosophy is to provide individual services for each client

The Shiatsu Healing Center is owned and operated by:

Ryan Nickerson
Certified Practitioner A.O.B.T.A.
Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition
Certified Fitness Trainer

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a powerful and natural healing art that has been well-tested in its effectiveness for maintenance of health and well—being It is based on an understanding of the human body as a system of energy which circulates in channels (meridians) activating and charging all of the body organs and functions.

The Shiatsu Practitioner can promote a harmonizing of this energy through the application of pressure, via the hands and thumbs, in varying degrees. Then, the areas of tension are relaxed, and points of weakness are revitalized through “noninterference” methods which respect the pattern of nature. The internal self—healing power of the receiver is awakened.

The result is a balancing of energy which can remove the causes and
relieve the symptoms of physical illness, emotional disturbance and spiritual disorder.

Shiatsu is a special experience that promotes the health and happiness of both giver and receiver.

How Shiatsu Therapy Came to the United States

In 1952 Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimagio were married and flew to Japan for their honeymoon. The first day in Japan, Marilyn became critically ill having contracted a deadly virus. Many doctors were summoned but none could help. Her doctor from Hollywood was flown there but to no avail. Marilyn was nearing death. The Chinese doctors practicing there suggested Shiatsu therapy, thus Dr. Namikoshi, the founder of the Clinic for Shiatsu Study, was called in.

Dr. Namikoshi gave Marilyn a full body Shiatsu once a day and by the seventh day her health was restored. Dr. Namikoshi saved her life. The Shiatsu therapy influenced her natural immune system which restored her health. She and Joe convinced Dr. Namikoshi to bring his healing techniques to the western world, so in 1953 Marilyn flew Dr. Namikoshi to California where they helped him to establish the first Shiatsu Center in the US.

JFK had war injuries and walked with a cane. Shiatsu trigger point therapy was recommended. After experiencing the benefits of a few Shiatsu treatments, he hired the Shiatsu therapist as a full-time staff member of the Whitehouse.

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